Destress Wednesdays with David

Join David Carnes, the founder and CEO of ArcStone, for 23 minutes of “calm in the chaos” live via everyone’s favorite webinar tool, Zoom.  Email us at info(AT) for the Zoom link and password. 

Given the stress, uncertainty and loneliness many of us are feeling now, it can be incredibly useful to have tools and tricks that help us positively cope. We all need smart, effective ways to help us maintain our mental and emotional balance when life gets bumpy.  It’s not a matter of if, but when we’ll need them - and when seems to be now for a lot of us.

Meditation and contemplative practices are a tried and true method. 

Are you curious? Ever tried meditation? Take 23 minutes at the end of hump day for yourself and join David as he guides us through classic meditation practices drawn from Western Psychology, Buddhism, and European Shamanic traditions designed to help us connect, relax and open to possibilities instead of problems.

With over 30 years of meditation experience, multiple silent retreats, and a finely honed sense of humor, David is offering to share some of the teachings and hard-won tricks that have worked for him.

Join us Wednesday @ 4:37 and let’s create a bit more calm, peace and connection in the world.

Email us at info(AT) for the Zoom link and password. 


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