Google Analytics

A walk-through of the basics and beyond


A list of guides and tips


Related Terms Defined — A list of Google Analytics related terminology, described in layman's terms.

Google Analytics Setup and Best Practices — A guide through the set-up process for your account and points to some of the first best practices for you to keep in mind.

Google Analytics Dashboard Customization — The easiest ways to customize your account to quickly find the data that most matters to your business.

101: Standard Metrics to Watch — These are some of the first metrics you should keep an eye on within Google Analytics to track site performance and improvement over time.

Using Campaign URLs to Track Important Metrics — Once you get more familiar with the tool, you can dive deeper and track how each of your individual campaigns is performing using campaign URLs.

Essential Analytics: Event Tracking and Virtual Pageviews — A more in-depth look at tracking some essential conversions such as video views, document downloads, and clicks on links that lead off your site.

Year In Review — Now that you've set up your account, you can review an entire year in just a few clicks and create a strategy using that data.


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