We live our core values. Service. Craftsmanship. Evolution. Harmony. Happiness. These are more than just words to us. From our community service, the work we do, to our hosted events, everything we do at ArcStone is imbued with our values, keeping us grounded, learning, engaged, open, balanced, and joyful. These values permeate our work and attract clients who share them.

In the past, our Happy(our) events have given us an opportunity to come together and have a conversation, all while enjoying one another’s company, delicious food, drinks (usually sponsored by Eastlake Craft Brewery), and music.

We were torn about whether we should cancel our Happy(our) on Harmony during all of the uncertainty, but if there’s a time we need connection and harmony, it’s now. That’s why we’re going virtually. Announcing our first virtual Happy(our) event!

Join us as we discuss our core value, harmony, with all of you and our inspiring panelists. It’s our hope that you’ll walk away from our conversation feeling a sense of community, connection, and inspiration to make change.

To us, when thoughts and feelings, individually different, combine to form a pleasing whole, an asymmetrical balance, there is harmony. 

We hope you can join us!

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Price: Free — We will be collecting donations for ACLU Minnesota. Please consider donating $10.00 to support their work.


ACLU Minnesota

ACLU promotes, protects, and extends the civil liberties and civil rights of the people in Minnesota through litigation, lobbying, and community engagement. 

Donate to ACLU Minnesota

Event Schedule

Thursday, May 28, 2020
4:00 – 5:00 PM
Panelists Conversation | 4:00 PM
Q&A | 4:45 PM

Our Panelists


Jesse Ross

Author, Speaker, and Development Coach

More About Jesse

Jesse Ross is an international speaker, executive coach, & consultant, that works with leaders and organizations specializing in personal and professional development. He focuses on transformation from the inside out and believes that everyone he encounters should expect ascension. Jesse has a keen ability to apply his education, training, and certifications, over 15 years of business, nonprofit, and practical experience to motivate others to greatness, increase productivity, and to take their rightful place as a leader. 


Erinn Farell

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Coven

More About Erinn

Erinn Farell is relentless in her belief that we are stronger together. A lover of people, process, and design, she specializes in encouraging high-performing cultures by focusing on empowerment and placemaking; her efforts help colleagues and partners unlock their talents and create a joyful ruckus. Erinn believes our collective success lies in showing up unapologetically curious, honest, and optimistic. She is currently the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Coven


Yia Vang

Owner and Chef of Union Hmong Kitchen

More About Yia

Yia Vang was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and his father and mother moved their family to the US in 1988.

He is the founder of Union Hmong Kitchen, a Twin Cities-based Hmong pop-up restaurant that is now currently doing a residency at Sociable Cider Werks. He is passionate about making the food he grew up with more accessible to people of other cultures while also passing traditions down to the next generation of Hmong Americans.


David Carnes, ArcStone CEO


As a founder of both ArcStone and AMO, David has over 20 years of experience in management, marketing, design, and software development. He is a leader in the Minneapolis tech community and strives to partner with organizations that give back. Outside of ArcStone, David enjoys writing music with his wife and ArcStone co-founder, Lisa, hanging out with his 2 kids, and playing with his rambunctious new puppy, Ziggy.




Founded in 1952 as the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Minnesota continues to promote, protect, and extend the civil liberties and civil rights of people in Minnesota through litigation, lobbying, and community engagement. For more information, visit ACLU Minnesota

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