Online Security for Nonprofits

Join us as we cover critical security information for nonprofit websites in this free webinar. Discover the keys to keeping your website, donations, social media, and other online systems safe and secure.


As more critical functions of nonprofits move to online systems, security is more important than ever. Major security breaches are constantly being splashed across the news, and it's not just major corporations being targeted.

Small nonprofits run the risk of being impacted by automated hacking bots, software with unpatched exploits, or malicious individuals.

This webinar will cover all aspects of online security for your organization from best practices for physical device management, email, and communication security, to tips for vetting vendors and third-party online services. 

Join this free Online Security for Nonprofits webinar to learn:

  • How to create a culture of security at your organization
  • Guidelines for security protocols
  • A framework for securing your website
  • Tips for vetting third-party services for security
  • How to secure donations and donor data
  • The top current security concerns for nonprofits
  • And more! 

You’ll walk away with the insight needed to safeguard your organization from the evolving and growing security issues that threaten nonprofits.

With Presenter

Nicholas Longtin

Nicholas Longtin creates content that works. Videos, infographics, animation, photography, mobile apps, virtual events and anything else clients need to build their brand, attract the best talent, raise funds, engage donors, or promote their cause.

Nicholas provides end-to-end content creation and communication strategies that helps organizations stand out from the crowd and showcase what makes them special.

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