Social Media Strategy for Nonprofits

This webinar will give you the tools you need to create and execute a successful social media engagement strategy for your nonprofit.


Social media is no longer a new trend, so it’s vital that your organization is visible on the social media platforms that your audience occupies. We have created effective social media engagement strategies for clients across a multitude of industries, using our marketing and researching skills to keep up with an ever-changing digital world.

This webinar will cover how to create a social media engagement strategy from start to finish, putting you in the best position to reach your social media goals.

In this crash course you will get:

  • An expert-lead workshop on how to develop an effective social strategy 
  • The opportunity to ask any and all questions regarding social media engagement
  • The tools you need to execute your strategy 
  • Insight into the developing trends on social media 
  • Best practices for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter 
  • And more! 

Social Media Specialists


Ilia Jones

Ilia heads up social media and written content produced both in-house and for many of our clientele. Her title here at ArcStone is digital marketing specialist + content editor. Ilia is passionate about the written word and the power it has within the marketing world.

She has worked with a multitude of brands across many different industries, creating and curating compelling content that drives results. She believes that digital marketing has the immense capabilities of growing a great company and allowing it to reach new heights. She is always delving into the nuances of digital marketing and loves to utilize and leverage current and developing trends.

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Signe Steiner

Signe is the Social Media & Events Manager at ArcStone, specializing in content creation and digital engagement. Leveraging her background in non-profit communications, Signe enjoys working with a variety of clients/causes to create brand awareness and engagement with their audience through storytelling. She also enjoys creating opportunities for people to gather, participate in discussions, and form meaningful connections.

She believes in the power of social media to create movements. With the right strategy, social media can help raise awareness, increase engagement, and tell an organization’s story. 

A native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Signe enjoys spending time outdoors and exploring the latest foodie spots in the Twin Cities. 

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