Online Accessibility for Nonprofits

Expand the reach of your mission by prioritizing online accessibility! An accessible nonprofit website better serves your audience and helps make The Web for Everyone ™.


Your online presence can be a powerful tool for achieving your mission. However, if people with different abilities can't effectively use your website, online resources, or social media, you could be missing out on additional funding, donations, volunteers, and more.

Tens of millions of internet users worldwide see websites differently than you, and may not be able to use your site if it has poor accessibility features. Discover how to improve the accessibility of your website during our free webinar.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to evaluate your current website for accessibility
  • What design and content issues can hurt website accessibility
  • Which accessibility issues are the most critical
  • How to use free testing tools to improve your website accessibility
  • How to use accessibility features on social media platforms like Twitter and Linkedin
  • Tips for maintaining great online accessibility

You’ll walk away with the insight needed to drastically improve your nonprofit's website accessibility and be a part of the movement to make the internet a more inclusive place. 

Accessibility Expert

Nick Longtin

Nicholas Longtin creates content that works. Videos, infographics, animation, photography, mobile apps, virtual events and anything else clients need to build their brand, attract the best talent, raise funds, engage donors, or promote their cause.

Nicholas provides end-to-end content creation and communication strategies that helps organizations stand out from the crowd and showcase what makes them special.

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