The Importance of SEO for Nonprofits

A Good SEO Strategy can boost brand awareness, help your audiences find you online, and drive your mission forward.


SEO is very much alive and critical to your nonprofit's visibility online. A well-executed SEO strategy will raise awareness of your nonprofit's mission by making it easy for your supporters to find you online.

Join us to learn the strategies behind using SEO to help drive more donations, attract volunteers, and bring more attention to your cause. You'll learn how online visibility impacts your mission, how to use SEO tactics to tell your nonprofit's story, and more!

In this crash course you will learn:

  • What SEO is and what it is not
  • Basic and advanced optimization tactics
  • Differences between on-page, technical, off-page, and local SEO 
  • The evolution of SEO and how to benefit from the latest strategies
  • How to implement critical website optimization measures
  • How to build optimized content for your mission
  • How to monitor SEO performance

Over the years, SEO has changed significantly and it’s crucial that you’re using modern strategies. We’ll show you what SEO tactics will boost your visibility online and what to avoid.

Unfortunately, there are unethical SEO companies making unrealistic promises and using outdated, unproven techniques that aren't designed to meet the needs of nonprofits. Our SEO strategies are aimed specifically at helping nonprofits grow their organization and share their great work.

This free webinar is an opportunity to learn about nonprofit-focused SEO strategies and best practices. We’ll show you how SEO can impact your mission and walk you through modern SEO strategies for nonprofits. The webinar will cover all the essentials of SEO and show you how to improve your organic visibility.

You’ll leave with a good foundation and best practices for getting started on improving your organization's SEO.

With SEO Expert

Nick Longtin

Nicholas Longtin creates content that works. Videos, infographics, animation, photography, mobile apps, virtual events and anything else clients need to build their brand, attract the best talent, raise funds, engage donors, or promote their cause.

Nicholas provides end-to-end content creation and communication strategies that helps organizations stand out from the crowd and showcase what makes them special.

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