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Accessibility is the Right Thing to Do

Your website is the hub for all your activities and initiatives. If people with different abilities can’t access your site, you’re missing out on a huge audience. According to the US Census Bureau, more than 40 million people in the United States live with a disability.

At ArcStone, our approach to accessibility is human-centric. Whether it's an audit or a new website, accessibility tasks are conducted by humans, not software tools that often miss critical issues.

When websites are designed with accessibility best practices, all users have equal access to information, making the web a more inclusive place for everyone.


Discovery & Planning

An accessible website starts at the very beginning of a project. During this phase, we'll learn about your organization's goals and audiences. We'll also make sure that accessibility and inclusive design are taken into account and align with your project.


Site Structure

The structure of your website shows web browsers and accessibility tools how your website is organized, how critical functions behave, and offers guidance on how to present your content.



Your audience shouldn't face any challenges when navigating your website. Accessibility design is predictable, yet modern. At this phase, we'll look at color contrast, imagery, text presentation, and more to leverage your brand in an accessible way.



The development phase converts your designs into code using accessibility best practices. Modern coding and special markup is necessary to make your website usable by everyone. Our developers are experts in accessible coding and conduct thorough testing before your site goes live.


Content & SEO

When it comes to content, we adhere to best practices and provide you with an accessibility guide specific to your project so that future updates will maintain a high level of accessibility.

Accessibility and inclusive design best practices align with good SEO. In other words, if your site is accessible, it's also optimized for search engines.



National Mentoring Resource Center

National Mentoring Resource Center

National Mentoring Resource Center, a Program of OJJDP, required a fully accessible website. 

We approached this entire project through the lens of accessibility. During the blueprint phase, we thoughtfully mapped out a project plan using accessibility best practices. The blueprint served as our guide during the design, development, content, and SEO phases. 

We're grateful to be able to work with such an incredible organization. 

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