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Online Member Management — AMO

AMO (Association Management Online) is our suite of community-building tools for nonprofits that are both easy to use and powerful. It is an all-in-one engine that drives a membership focused web presence. It can be used either as a standalone system or hand-in-hand with WordPress. AMO makes the jobs of managing a membership database and building an online community easy and dare we say, fun.

The main benefits of using AMO are threefold.

Efficient — Our customers have a single system that helps them perform many of the administrative tasks associated with tracking and supporting a membership community.

Engaging — We help create member engagement by giving the members tools to both interact with each other, contribute content, and self manage certain aspects of their data.

Convenient — Register for events, provide member perks, and easily pay dues. AMO creates convenience and ease for both administrators and members.

Learn more at our AMO branded site — AssociationsOnline.com or watch our brief tour.

Member Relationship Management

Manage both individual and organizational data in a powerful database with unlimited custom fields and advanced reporting.


Online Event Registration

Set-up events with online registration – run everything from a simple lunch to a five day tradeshow.


An easy to update, mobile-friendly website that supports “members-only” content, videos and unlimited uploaded files.



Automatic dues notifications and invoicing on monthly quarterly or annual basis. Securely store credit cards automatic monthly processing.

Member Portal

A secure portal for members only with a huge selection of interactive tools, member content, discussions, directories & more.


And Much Much More!

Case Studies




CSAE is a non-profit organization for persons engaged in the management of trade and professional organizations in Colorado. They have over 400 members representing more than 270 organizations in Colorado. We first began working with CSAE in 2009, then in 2016 we designed them a new WordPress website and integrated it with AMO.




IFEC is comprised of professionals coming together to exchange ideas, share resources and confer on editorial content for foodservice-engaged readers.

We have been working with IFEC since 2009. Originally starting with a website and an early version of AMO, the relationship led to a collaboration developing a custom app for them that plugged-in to the AMO event registration system and a new WordPress website.

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