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Virtual Events for Nonprofits

We know that nonprofits and brands rely on live, in-person events to create awareness, build community, and drive donations and fundraising efforts. But these days, live events may not be an option.

If you’ve been forced to pivot from live events to virtual events, it’s critical that you have a technology partner you can trust. ArcStone not only knows how to make compelling content that tells your story, we understand the technology behind hosting a successful virtual event.



Your audience requires an informative, frictionless experience when it comes to attending webinars. With the fast changing landscape digital experiences, our customers require a agency partner that knows how to handle the technology needed for a great experience.


Virtual Learning

Long distance learning has recently consumed our lives. We leverage technologies such as LifterLMS and WordPress to create seamless virtual learning environments that enable your audience to stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge required to excel in their professions.



Although you can't be meet in-person with other experts in your industry, you can still be together and share knowledge "face-to-face".  We leverage technologies such as Zoom, to recreate the roundtable experience by serving as moderators and allowing subject matter experts to connect and share with one another.


Galas and Fundraisers

An important source of revenue for nonprofits comes from galas and fundraisers. Many live events have been either cancelled or postponed due to the global pandemic. However, your nonprofit cannot be efficient if it loses revenue. ArcStone has helped a number of organizations create experiences that meet and exceed their goals using a myriad of different technologies such as Zoom, YouTube, WordPress, WooCommerce, and many more.



Some organizations have had to pivot from live conferences and get lost when it comes to the technology needed to pull off an event that satisfies your audience, speakers, and sponsors. ArcStone has has a deep understanding of a curated suite of technologies such as Pathable, WordPress, LifterLMS, and Zoom that help organizations create compelling and engaging virtual conferences.



Sometimes you need a partner that is able to help monitor an experience in Zoom, because either you don't have the time, team, or experience to do it yourself. ArcStone has a team of Zoomkeepers at the ready to help assist and direct your live Zoom events.


Custom Events

Not seeing the type of event you want? ArcStone is well versed in created custom events that satisfy all of your requirements. We aren't afraid to take on and learn new technologies. Our team of expert technologists have the capacity and acumen to help guide you through the custom event experience you need.


Virtual Event Consulting

Don't need help in the tactical portion of the event, but would like some expertise in what technologies to use and a strategy to execute upon? Our virtual events team can help you create a Virtual Event Blueprint that guides your team through the most important steps to create the perfect digital experience.

Events We've Helped Bring to Life

Simpson Housing Art for Shelter / Carrie Arnold

Simpson Housing

Simpson Housing

Simpson Housing was concerned they'd be unable to host their annual event due to COVID-19. Instead of canceling the event, ArcStone helped adapt the in-person luncheon art fundraiser to an online art store using WooCommerce for WordPress. 

More than 100 fine artists’ work was exhibited online and available for purchase with all proceeds going to Simpson Housing. The virtual event exceeded their revenue goals to fight homelessness.

Simpson Housing has decided to use the WooCommerce framework for online events in the future.


Emma Norton Services

Emma Norton Services

Emma Norton Services had to adjust to the new reality of a COVID-19 world. After deciding to cancel their live annual gala, they turned to ArcStone to help film, edit, and produce a virtual event.

They leveraged video with impactful storytelling from their residents, a live auctioning platform while livestreaming their event on YouTube to exceed their stretch goals.

Emma Norton Services was very happy with the results of their event and have enlisted ArcStone with help for future video projects.

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