Case Study

Children & Nature Network is helping children thrive with equitable access to the benefits of nature. 



More Green, Less Screen

Getting outdoors is essential for a child's healthy development. Unfortunately, today’s kids are less connected to nature than ever before. The Children & Nature Network is a nonprofit committed to reclaiming outdoor experiences for children around the world, regardless of race, income or zip code.

Many people's first impression of the organization happens on the website. It's an essential public-facing part of their brand and serves as a hub for the movement.

Our Role

  • Blueprint / Strategic Planning
  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Website Optimization
  • Virtual Event Planning, Production, & Execution
  • SEO & Content Assistance
  • Social Media Management & Strategy

Hosting & Support

Laura Mylan, Children & Nature Network

Laura Mylan

Sr. Vice President, External Relations

Our new website has become a key source of news and information for children and nature leaders, as well as a virtual gathering place for sharing ideas and resources. We couldn't have asked for a better strategic partner to help advance our mission.

The Challenge:

The nonprofit came to ArcStone with a bloated website and suffering user experience. The framework lacked functionality and was difficult for both users and staff to use.

They needed a navigable website that showcased their mission. We developed a WordPress site that serves as an inviting digital space for families. The organization has a robust library of research and resources. The website needed to present this information in a usable manner.

The nonprofit's request began a dynamic partnership and resulted in an impressive website. After the redesign, we continued the partnership with social media management and strategy.


Our Approach

We had done a few projects with Children & Nature Network before the website redesign. This gave us insight into their brand and mission, but also helped build trust and rapport. It allowed us to better understand their hopes and dreams as an organization.

We began with a blueprint. We reviewed the website analytics, identified key audiences, resources and objectives, website functionality, and third-party integrations.

Midway through the project, we helped them execute both a live and virtual event. The event was new for Children & Nature Network and there was internal confusion on how to pull it off. We were able to deliver through strong project management and live Zoom facilitators. The event went off without a hitch and provided a framework on how to approach future virtual events.

Screen capture of new Children & Nature Network WordPress site homepage.
Screen capture of new redesigned resources area.
Screen capture of Children & Nature Network Instagram page.

Preliminary Results

The new website launched in October 2020 and since, we've seen positive metrics across the board. Engagement metrics like bounce rate, pages per session, and time on site all increased. The site structure makes for a seamless user experience. It's simple for users to browse, filter, and search the robust resource library.

Social media reach and engagement have improved as well.


650%+ Increase

Page views to the resources section rose 650% and engagement metrics across the board improved.


40% Increase

The Facebook page has had a 40% increase in reach.


60% Increase

Instagram profile page visits are up over 60% and new followers are up 22%.