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Gilda’s Club Twin Cities strengthens community connection through modern design and authentic imagery



So That No One Faces Cancer AloneTM


These simple words are at the core of Gilda’s Club Twin Cities’ philosophy. This incredible nonprofit provides the emotional, social and psychological support that is essential to and proven to improve outcomes for those impacted by cancer. The Gilda's Club Twin Cities clubhouse is a healing environment where community members learn from one another, while receiving guidance from licensed mental health professionals.

Our Role

  • Blueprint / Strategic Planning
  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Website Optimization

Ryan Sweeney

Development and Stewardship Manager

ArcStone created the absolutely fantastic site that you have seen at, and we were quite pleased with the process, and the resulting site exceeded our expectations.

The Challenge:

Like most nonprofit organizations, Gilda's Club has numerous audiences with unique values and needs. That challenge paired with an outdated web platform resulted in an ineffective online experience.

Gilda’s Club’s came to ArcStone facing the difficulty of being unable to serve multiple diverse and unique audiences while communicating their mission online.

Their website was running into functionality issues due to a convoluted technical infrastructure and they were experiencing insufficient integration with third-party systems. Their strong brand didn't match their digital presence with inauthentic images and shallow content. We were excited to work with them and we knew just how to get this great local organization a fresh digital start.


Our Approach

Our partnership with Gilda’s Club Twin Cities began with our blueprinting phase. At this phase, we reviewed their website analytics, identified key audiences, goals and objectives, website functionality, and necessary third-party integrations. These blueprints gave us the information we needed to thoughtfully approach Gilda's Club Twin Cities' design and development.

After visiting Gilda’s Club Twin Cities, we understood how the space is integral to the work they do and how the people are truly the heart of the organization. Incorporating authentic imagery was essential for both showing the culture and bridging the gap between digital and in-person experiences.

It was critical that the navigation resonate with each of the core audiences. We used the navigation to target their specific audience groups. These included healthcare professionals, volunteers, and families. Our strategy was to take the proper steps to understand these audiences in order to provide them valuable and efficient content quickly and easily.


Year Over Year Results

Since its launch, we've seen a significant improvement in metrics for the Gilda’s Club Twin Cities website. Users, new users, and sessions have all seen an average of 20% increase. This indicates that Gilda's Club Twin Cities is reaching the people that make up their target audience.

New users are up over 20% year over year - speaking to the efforts put into the functionality of the website and value of their content.

Blog post page views are up over 760%.

Most importantly, more people are finding out about Gilda’s Club programming and resources, increasing this incredible organization's chance of helping even more members of their community.

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Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 10.48.45 AM


760% Increase

Blog Content Views


20% Increase

Website Users


2500% Increase

Blog Entrances