Case Study

Transforming How Consumers Engage with Healthcare.


HealthPartners' mission is to improve health and well-being in partnership with our members, patients, and community.

HealthPartners believes in head + heart, together. The organization merges the science and intellect of medicine with the compassion, spirit, and humanity of our hearts. They strive to provide easy-to-digest information around insurance plans and getting the most out of coverage. 

Our Role

  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video & Content
  • Support & Hosting

The Challenge:

The world of health insurance is confusing. HealthPartners is already a trusted source of information for healthcare solutions so they wanted to reduce the anxiety associated with health insurance by deepening engagement with members, prospects, and the community at large. They were noticing that their members and prospective members weren't confident in their understanding of insurance options, availability, benefits, and all things insurance. They wanted to help resolve the confusion and intimidation around insurance.

With ArcStone as a technology and marketing partner, they have successfully launched and promoted several websites that aim to build community engagement and explain health insurance in a way that won't overwhelm or alienate their audiences. These include website specifically designed for pregnant women, employers, and others who are seeking insurance information.


Our Approach

When they first engaged with ArcStone several years ago, they needed to decide if they wanted to move onto a new CMS with their former agency partner or make the transition to a new partner. They were looking to work with a partner who could support them, turn things around quickly, and offered a full array of services ranging from website design to content production. This is where ArcStone shines, and the HealthPartners team recognized the potential of partnering with ArcStone.

They made the decision to partner with ArcStone and we hit the ground running. We recommended that the organization use WordPress because it offered the functionality and integrations they needed to reach their goals. We also recommended they take an open-source approach so the code could be accessible and editable.

Over the years, ArcStone has assisted with digital marketing, SEM, SEO, video production, design, development, and more.

Now that the sites are up and running, HealthPartners uses an ArcStone support and maintenance package to make regular website updates and enhancements at a reduced rate.

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 2.52.27 PM


Following the launch of the websites, HealthPartners was able to explore new ideas and innovate processes. They saw a significant improvement in medicare signups, organic visibility, and high engagement on the website.

HealthPartners uses ArcStone's hosting services resulting in speedy, high performing websites.

Additionally, HealthPartners has a trusted partner they can count on for solid, honest advice.


6 Websites Launched


Over 16k Goal Conversions 

Conversion Goals


More than 824k Users Reached