Case Study

Hunger Solutions is working to end Minnesota's fight for food. They needed a website that would help them win that fight.



Winning Minnesota's Food Fight

Hunger Solutions Minnesota is a hunger relief organization working to end hunger in Minnesota. They needed help driving awareness to their website and specifically to their program that finds help for those seeking food resources. They approach the fight to end hunger by directly connecting hungry Minnesotans with food resources and with long-term advocacy. In order to make it easier for those struggling Minnesotans, they needed a digital presence that gave their organization more visibility and was easy for users to access the services they provide. 

Our Role

  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Google Ads Management
  • Google Ad Grant Management
  • Facebook Advertising Management

Hosting & Support

Jill Westfall, Director of Programs

Jill Westfall

Director of Programs

Our website has become a vital hub for individuals and families seeking help with food insecurity resources.

The Challenge:

Hunger Solutions Minnesota approached ArcStone as they were facing the challenge of getting their mission to the people who needed their services. They had just been given a Google Ads Grant for their nonprofit paid ads but they did not have the resources to really use it to its full benefit. They came to us with the goals of increasing awareness of their Helpline program and reaching more of the Minnesotans that were facing food insecurity. They also wanted to more accurately track what channels were generating leads.


Our Approach

ArcStone audited both Hunger Solutions Google Ads and Google Ad Grant accounts and devised a plan to reach underserved audiences and boost calls to their Helpline.

After implementing ArcStone's recommendations, the Helpline saw a record number of calls and requests for information submissions. We were also able to conserve their budget by decreasing the overall cost per click (CPC) by 31%.

Once the Google Ads accounts were performing well, Hunger Solutions Minnesota wanted to use Facebook to reach more Minnesotans. ArcStone created campaigns to reach older adults, families, and students experiencing food insecurity.

Hunger Solutions Minnesota knew they needed a better web presence. We designed and developed a WordPress site that the Hunger Solutions Minnesota team can update.



Due to the pandemic and the impact it has had on the American economy, Hunger Solutions has seen an extensive increase in the number of Minnesotans looking for food resources. Fortunately, there are nonprofits like Hunger Solutions who can help those struggling with food insecurity to find the best programs in the state.

Hunger Solutions Minnesota's paid campaigns can scale up or down depending on the needs of the community and we continue to monitor and shift our focus to get the best results month over month.

Users to the website were up 305% in December 2020, compared to the previous year.

New organic users were up 559% suggesting that more people looking for help were finding Hunger Solutions Minnesota in the search results and the nonprofit was reaching new people in need.

Conversions from the Google Ads campaign were up 170% and conversion from the Google Ad Grant increased by 875%.



559%+ Increase

New Organic Users


875% Increase

Google Ad Grant Conversions 


305% Increase

Website Users