Case Study

Dedicated to transforming trauma, loss, and disability, Mind Body Solutions needed a flexible website that gave them the ability to scale and grow.



Mind Body Solutions, best known for adapting yoga for persons living with disabilities and awakening the connection between mind and body, has trained over 800 yoga instructors worldwide in its pioneering method and serves a growing community of clients that achieve life changing results from working with Mind Body Solutions. Mind Body Solutions needed an accessibly and flexible website to act as a hub for their local presence and worldwide online audience, and a content partner to help develop a social media strategy and launch a new YouTube initiative.

Our Role

  • WordPress Website Redesign
  • Support & Hosting
  • Video Production & Training
  • Virtual Events
  • Social Media Strategy & Support

Molly Bachman

Director, Development, Yoga Instructor

Our partnership with ArcStone has enhanced our ability to serve our global community of people living with trauma, loss, and disability ~ and their caregivers. They helped us create a user-friendly, accessible new website, an educational, interactive YouTube channel, and also helped us produce highly successful digital fundraising events. At every turn, the ArcStone team has supported our work with next-level patience and skill.

The Challenge:

Over the years, Mind Body Solutions’ website felt bloated and the navigation was no longer intuitive. The organization's mission had expanded and adding new sections to the site created problems because it was created before the new WordPress block editor was released.

The website’s functionality struggled to keep up with the demands of the nonprofit’s tech stack. More specifically, Mind Body Solutions needed a better calendar system, a system that accommodated class signups, and a hub that supported their events.

Furthermore, given the mission of Mind Body Solutions, it was vital that the website be accessible and offer a great user experience for all.


Our Approach

Since Mind Body Solutions classes and events are vital to their mission, they needed an approach that allowed them to seamlessly add new events, while also offering a friction-free experience for users. ArcStone researched and vetted a variety of WordPress plugins before landing on Events Tickets Plus.

Website content had accumulated over the years and we needed an efficient way to migrate existing content to the new site. In addition, SEO progress needed to be preserved. Together, Mind Body Solutions and ArcStone determined what content to migrate to the new site. Once the list was assembled, All In One WP Import was used to migrate the content.

Finally, as a nonprofit organization, donations are vital. The Give plugin offers the functionality and tight integration Mind Body Solutions requires.

ArcStone also helped develop a strategy and launch an ambitious new YouTube campaign to grow the online video and training audience. We successfully produced two virtual events which met Mind Body Solutions fundraising goals and provided video production support for ongoing content creation.


Reviewing the Results

The new website is easy for the Mind Body Solutions team to update and the WordPress framework offers the ability to scale and grow alongside the organization. Visitors of all abilities can easily navigate the growing content, signup for classes, volunteer, find resources and donate.

Mind Body Solutions’ core event “Kiss my Asana” held in April 2021 was a huge success. They smashed their goal and user engagement was way up. Also, the YouTube channel and social media reach of Mind Body Solutions continues to grow at an amazing pace.

With ArcStone's support, training and guidance, Mind Body Solutions is well prepared to keep producing great content for their community, grow their mission, and keep helping the people that need them most.



157 Videos

The Mind Body Solution YouTube channel has released over 150 videos since it's launch and gathered over 85,000 views to date.


490% Increase

In YouTube subscribers since the launch of The Hub YouTube and social media project.


73% Increase

In user sessions on the Mind Body Solutions website so far this year.